Debt repayment in installments – it’s possible!

Over 1.73 million Poles have debts – this was demonstrated by a study conducted by ERIF Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA taking into account the first quarter of 2019. Where do they come from Just a random event, such as illness or job loss. If you are in such a situation, we reassure: you have the option of splitting the debt into installments , which is definitely more advantageous than a one-time repayment of the entire commitment.Debt does not necessarily have to be associated with a black scenario, especially since this is not a hopeless situation. The most important point, however, is the awareness that you need help in paying off debts and refer to the appropriate institutions. The sooner you do it, the better the chances of favorable conditions.

Debt repayment – live with debt?

Debt repayment - live with debt?

The specter of gravity can effectively affect well-being and comfort in life. Debt is often the result of a sudden job loss or deterioration of health. In such a situation, an additional cash injection is often needed, and as research shows, more than half of Poles spend everything they earn.

How are they doing They reach for loans, and when they cannot repay them, they often take another one and the next, falling into a spiral of debt from which they cannot escape.

Added to this are various fears, accumulation of anxiety and stress that the bailiff knocks on the door. This also leads to such situations that the fact that the debt is often ignored. From a psychological point of view, there is a denial and pretend that you do not have any problem. Such behavior, however, leads to much more serious problems, because failure to pay obligations on time generates interest, and the case can go to court and then to the bailiff.

If you do not pay the loan on time

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You will receive SMS or letter notifications reminding you of the repayment. Importantly, such a prompt from a loan company may be payable and cost up to several dozen zlotys, which is another financial burden. In this case, it is risky to sign another loan for the debt because it is a one-off solution and not a solution to the problem.

If there are still delays here, then the debt will be transferred to a debt collection company, which will generate further costs, as well as threatening to be entered on the list of debtors, e.g. to ERIF BIG SA. If this fails, the case will go to court, in which an enforcement order will be issued and an enforcement clause will be issued. This is where the bailiff comes in.

As you can see, untimely debt repayment is associated with accumulation of debt and serious consequences. However, there is a solution because even creditors are aware that growing arrears are often the result of a bad life situation and random situations, which is why they offer help to the indebted , most often it is spreading the debt into installments .

Debt repayment agreement

Debt repayment agreement

To start with, an important point: if you have received a debt repayment request, do not panic. This is just information about the debt, remember, every letter that relates to your finances should be verified. Do not ignore the call, just contact the creditor, because then you will be sure that you have any debt you have forgotten and even get a chance to write it off (applies to expired debts and without a court order for payment).

The most frequently suggested option is settlement in parts. To be able to do this at all, you must contact the creditor and agree to sign a debt repayment agreement. In the case of debt at Mansewar Loan, the situation is simplified because together with the documents informing you about the debt you receive the case number and the opportunity to register on the Harlequin online platform, which was launched in 2010 as the first service for independent debt management in Poland.

Its advantage is that you don’t have to contact the company in person or by phone, especially since debts are often embarrassing and stressful for us. Settling the matter online without having to share your story is undoubtedly an asset and an incentive – take advantage of it!

Help for debtors, spreading the debt into installments

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Mansewar Loan offers flexible solutions to pay debts amicably. So if you received a letter from Mansewar Loan, do not ignore it, but take the opportunity to contact an advisor with whom you will work out a plan to get out of debt. Importantly, such plans are individual, so the adviser will analyze your life situation, financial possibilities, income and expenses to suggest the most convenient form of debt repayment. Most often it is just the distribution in installments.

Repayment in installments is an extremely advantageous solution, because it is rational to pay small amounts monthly than the whole debt once, especially since the debts often arise not through the fault of the indebted person, and are the result of a lack of adequate knowledge and awareness of financial management. Installments allow you to step out step by step to go out simple and enjoy everyday life. Disappearing stress and fears about the bailiff.

Also remember that at every stage you have the support of a professional adviser. When an unexpected situation occurs that could hinder the timely payment of an installment, contact him and he will propose a convenient solution here, especially since you still have insight into your debt in the Harlequin platform and you can control your debt.

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